Trinity Badminton Club

Trinity Badminton Club – one of our Badminton Clubs here at Bablake have won three matches this week! They have multiple mens and mixed teams representing the club in both the Leicestershire, and Rugby & District badminton leagues.

The first match was a Rugby & District away match against Hunters. The captain Darren said:

“After careful consideration, I decided to chop the chairman , and bring in Chris as he notified me at the 11th hour that he was able to play. (Sorry chairman, Chop) Pairings were the dream team of Phil and stretch Armstrong (Chris) and Darren and Mart. First games up, Chris and phil taking first game 13-21, 2nd game, well Phil wanted his money’s worth after only playing 1 hr on Monday night, taking 2nd game 22-20. On the other side, Darren and Mart , decided a quick start would be good winning to 8, and 17 respectively. Next round, Phil and Chris taking the next rubber to 12 and 13. At this stage, we’re 3 rubbers up… captains thinking draw is in the bag.  Darren and Mart then played their 1st team, loosing 1st game to 16. Upon visiting the bench, a rehydration was required… what the opposition didn’t know was drugs was in our drinks. We take the next game to 14. Decider coming up, with Chris and Phil looking onwards. Basically, we lost the 3rd to 17.  3-1 going into the split. Chris and Mart took there 2 games in record time, winning comfortably to 7 and 16. At this point , we are 4-1 up!!  Phil and Darren up, Darren decided he wanted to test Phils fitness, and also get his moneys worth. After a close game…. eventually winning 29-27. We lost the 2nd to 14, and brought home a solid 5-1 win with a tense 21-18 final win Well done boys !! One dead chuffed captain”

The second match was a Leicestershire home match against Leicester Central. The vice Captain Alex said:

“Due to unforseen circumstances the skipper had to gracefully set aside tonight. Thankfully Rich was able to take his place as he can’t seem to get a game in LM1 😉. Pairings were Sam and Sam, Alex and Rich and Daan and Anand.  Sam squared decided to ease into their first match dropping the first game to 20 and giving their opponents a false sense of hope; taking the next 2 games to 18 to secure the first rubber.  On the other court Alex and Rich got off to a flyer taking their first match to 7 and 15.  Then Daan and Anand showing the oppositions younger pairing no mercy took their first game comfortably 9 and 10.  So 3-0 and a good start. Alex and Rich then decided to have a game where they missed everything, but still took the rubber against their first pair 2-1. The two Sam’s having no trouble against the 2nd pairing winning each game to 16.  So with us 5-0 up and the win in the bag it was a chance to try and tie up another 9-0 night.  Alex and Rich took care of their 3rd pair as did Sam and Sam without much fuss. Daan and Anand pulled out all the stops after being a game down against their 2nd pair to come back and win the next two to 19.  Unfortunately the opposition couldn’t be stopped from taking 1 rubber, a valiant effort from Daan and Anand against their 1st pair but not quite enough. All in all 8-1 on the night and 2 wins on the bounce! Great effort lads and a well deserved win! #promotion”

The third match was a Leicestershire away match against Melton. The Captain Andrea said:

“Tensions were running high on our 70 mile round trip to Melton tonight 😴 as they are the only team so far to have beat the team we lost too😰 But we had nothing to worry about. The team romped home with an 8-1 win. The opposition actually said “who in this league is good enough to beat you” 😎 smashed it!!! Well done team – trophy and league win still in sight 👀🏆 #winners three out of three on all our clubs matches this week!! Go team Trinity!”

So we are very proud of our Trinity Badminton Club doing so well. Well done! You can find more information about their club here:

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